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Detrás de la cámara has been underway since October 1998. Currently, the course is taught at the Polytechnic Easo (Felipe IV 1B, San Sebastian), see in the map, Fridays from 18 to 20 hours.

The annual courses is for children and young people between six and twenty years. For optimum performance, the groups are no more than ten members. The course duration is from October to June, two hours a week.

After completing the first two years of  Detrás de la cámara components may continue in the annual program, and regardless of age, working their stories and characters in scripts and produced workshop with their peers.

In addition to the annual lectures, Detrás de la cámara also makes audiovisual workshops of short duration (three to fifteen hours) that target children and youth between six and sixteen years, focusing on advertising. Other announcements: Images for the future, and values education for Equality screens. As well as courses for teachers, Introduction to Language Audiovisual. How to teach thinking from the image.